American Crafts 12" x 12" Crimson Design Textured Cardstock Pack - Solid Core Heavyweight, Archival Quality - 60 Sheets

  • $28.79

Create emphasis on the pages of your journal or embellish the designs in your scrapbook with theCrimson Design Textured Cardstock PackfromAmerican Crafts!

Manufactured by American Crafts, committed to providing you with a variety of art supplies and materials. This crafting essential is perfectly designed to support different types of artwork: scrapbooking, journal decorations, letterings, bookmarking, and even for card making.

This pack is housed with 60 sheets of 12 x 12-inch textured papers in Crimson color. Each sheet is guaranteed acid-free and archival safe to resist disintegration for a long-lasting art beauty. Designed by American Crafts, featuring their textured cardstock pack collection crafted with a solid core and heavyweight quality. These pages make every art making a breeze, giving every art enthusiast an edge in perfecting every craft.

Make every adventure memorable and give life to the pages of your journal withAmerican Crafts!

  • ARCHIVAL AND ACID-FREE - Constructed to ensure the safety of every crafter, each cardstock from this pack are guaranteed acid-free with archival quality. Made to keep your projects free from deterioration.
  • 60 PIECE PACK - This textured pad is housed with 60 sheets of 12 x 12-inch crimson colored papers, featuring solid core and heavyweight quality ideal for supporting a wide array of art pieces.
  • ENCOURAGES ARTISTRY - This cardstock can be used for different purposes, be it on greeting or invitation cards, project adornment, and more! You can design it the way you want it and let your creative juices flow with this versatile kit!
  • IDEAL CRAFTING MATERIAL - Perfectly made for use with different types and pieces of artwork; from scrapbooking, journal decorations, memorabilia, card making, and more!
  • CREATIVE CRAFTING PACK - Manufactured by American Crafts dedicated to providing you with a wide variety of crafting supplies and materials. Create wonderful pieces of art and combine creativity and beauty!