AURIFIL Color Builder May 2020 Pink 100% Cotton Mako 50wt 3 Spools (1300m Each): 2410+2425+2530

  • $39.00

The Spiaggia Rosa sparkles and glistens in the Summer sun. Waves lap at the shore while your feet slowly sink deeper into the pink sand. You stand, perfectly still, a light breeze brushing your skin. You look out over the sprawling turquoise of the Mediterranean Sea, taking in the subtle scents of the flowering Mirto plants in the distance.ÊÊ

  • This 3-pack color set is part of the 2020 Aurifil Color Builder program. A Italy city theme-based 3-pack color set is released each month.
  • Set includes 3 spools of 1422 yards (1300 meters) in colors as shown.
  • SARDINIA by Aurifil 3 LARGE SPOOLS COTTON 50WT Colors included: 2410 Ñ 2425 Ñ 2530 Code: AC50CP3-001
  • The perfect thread for every quilting project. Use for hand applique, hand piecing, lace, long arm quilting, machine applique, machine embroidery, machine piecing and machine quilting.
  • Made in Italy. 100% Cotton, .50 wt