Brause – Calligraphy Writing Nibs Variety Set, 6 Nibs

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For more than 100 years, Brause Calligraphy Nibs have been considered by many calligraphers to be among the best on the market. The Cito-Fein nib is a very fine 0.3mm tip for small lettering. L’Ecoliere has a hard, fine point for drawing and monoline lettering. The Steno (AKA the Blue Pumpkin) has a very fine point and high ink capacity for a thin line with perfect flow. The Pfannen has a wider 0.45mm point for a strong writing style. The Rose has a highly elastic tip for the experienced calligrapher to create dramatic downstrokes and fine upstrokes. The Index is a simple nib with a medium-fine point. Brause offers a range of nibs for every style of writing.

  • SPECIAL VARIETY – This set of six unique nibs is specially curated to give you the best selection of tips for any writing style, skill level, or project.
  • DIFFERENT STYLES – You'll be sure to find the perfect nib for any occasion in this pack which includes some of Brause’s most popular nibs, such as “The Rose.”
  • BOOKLET INCLUDED – The booklet contains information on each nib and how to make the most out of each one.
  • LASTING QUALITY – Brause has been producing the highest quality calligraphy pen nibs for over 100 years. These nibs will last for a lifetime of beautiful writing.
  • TRADITIONAL – There is something special about receiving a handwritten letter, thank you note, wedding invitation. Keep the art of calligraphy alive with Brause nibs.