Brause Intro Calligraphy and Writing Set

  • $29.00

This Introductory Calligraphy Kit by Brause is a practical set to start calligraphy writing. Each set includes 6 nibs - 1 Cito Fein, 1 Steno, 1 Pfannen and 3 Banzug, as well as an introduction to calligraphy pamphlet. Packed in a distinctive envelope this set makes a great gift for beginner calligraphers.

  • Calligraphy and writing set
  • A practical set to start calligraphy writing
  • Includes 6 nibs: 1 Cito Fein - 1 Steno - 1 Pfannen and 3 Banzug
  • Includes introduction to calligraphy pamphlet
  • Comes in a distinctive envelope