Crescent Moon and Stars Wooden Jewelry Box

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This beautiful box is made of seasoned Linden wood, from the Tatra Mountain region of Poland. The skilled artisans of this region employ centuries old traditions and meticulous handcraftmanship to create a finished product of uncompromising quality. The use of feathered corner joints and raised interior lining ensure its enduring value as a lasting keepsake. These boxes are entirely decorated by hand, using various combinations of carving, brass and copper inlays, burning, and staining techniques. Once bestowed upon royal families throughout Europe as an elegant and exclusive gift, these boxes were used to hold timeless treasures. Then as now, each box is entirely handcrafted, is a unique masterpiece, and is exclusive in its detail and individual character. The Tatra Mountain lore adds a mystique to each box, that combines with the premier craftsmanship to bring years of pleasure to the owner. Beautiful Jewelry Keepsake Box with Carved Moon and Stars. Enchanted Boxes combine local traditions with a global vision. The art of crafting and carving wooden boxes, a rare skill of folks living in the Tatra Mountains, was adopted to evoke the symbols, icons and styles of the multiethnic and cross-cultural communities of the industrialized world. Images of suns, mermaids, fairies, dolphins and dragons populate an enchanted world filled with Celtic knots, Indian mandalas, Christian crosses, and Jewish stars. There is a place for goddesses, for butterflies, for elephants and for anemone fish. Yin-yang and the benevolent wings of Isis balance all of these creations of mind and spirit and transform them into special gifts, which help dreams come true, friendships to flourish and memories to las

  • Carved Moon and Stars Wooden Jewelry Box. Handmade in Poland
  • Dimensions: 4.25" x 4.25" x 1.5". Made with Linden Wood
  • Burned, Carved, and Painted by Hand