PanPastel 30202 Ultra Soft Artist Pastel 20 Color Set - Landscape w/Sofft Tools

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This PanPastel landscape colors are genuine artists quality pastels uniquely packed in a pan format. They were developed so that artists can easily lift, apply and control pastel color just like true painting. The pan format holds the color like paint for easy application. PanPastel is loaded with the highest quality artists pigments and have a rich, ultra-soft, low-dust formulation. All of the professional-quality colors have excellent light fastness, are fully erasable and compatible with traditional pastel sticks, surfaces, conventional fixatives and other artists' colors. This set includes 2 soft knives, 10 soft covers, 3 soft mini applicators, soft sponge bar, big oval sponge, storage jars, instructions. Conforms to ASTM D4236. Landscape set contents 20 colors of 9-msl PanPastel diarylide yellow tint, yellow ochre, yellow ochre shade, orange shade, permanent red, red iron oxide shade, magenta shade, ultramarine blue, phthalo blue tint, turquoise shade, permanent green, permanent green shade, permanent green tint, bright yellow green shade, burnt sienna tint, raw umber, neutral grey, paynes grey colors.

  • ARTISTS’ PAINTING PASTELS – Patented formula of professional artists’ quality soft pastel colors in a unique pan format (cake-like) that enables pastel colors to be applied like paint - apply with Sofft Tools for the best results, for painting, drawing & mixed media (Pan diameter: 2.125” / 62mm)
  • HIGHLY PIGMENTED & ULTRA SOFT – Loaded with the finest quality artists’ pigments for the most concentrated colors possible and made with minimal binder and fillers for rich super-blendable color, low dust for a cleaner working environment, conforms to ASTM D4236 and lightfast
  • MIXABLE, INSTANT & EASY – Mix like paint for an infinite palette to begin painting instantly - no preparation or drying time required, very forgiving medium, erasable with any eraser
  • MIXED MEDIA ARTIST FRIENDLY – Versatile and able to use with most other artist’s media (e.g. colored pencils, markers, inks, pastel sticks etc.) for a variety of techniques and on most art surfaces from smooth to textured
  • SET OF 20 COLORS - This PanPastel Landscape Colors Set contains 1 x each: 250.3, 250.8, 270.3, 270.5, 280.3, 340.5, 380.3, 430.3, 520.5, 560.8, 580.3, 640.3, 640.5, 640.8, 680.3, 740.8, 780.5, 820.5, 840.3, 100.5 plus free Sofft Tools (see image for details) - ideal for painting landscapes and nature and colors can be mixed to create intermediate colors